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Green Powered Search was created by a small group of people who decided to make a big difference in the worlds energy consumption. Studies have shown a more efficient display alot of power, much of which is wasted.

Green Powered Search uses a primarily Black screen which is our first step of energy saving. One of the key arguments in favor of black screens is a 2002 research study produced by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory entitled "Energy Use and Power Levels in New Monitors and Personal Computers". The report indicates that "a given monitor requires more power to display a white (or light) screen than a black (or dark) screen." Indeed, that study reports that black screens consistently require less energy than white screens, significantly on CRT monitors.

Secondly, Green Powered Search uses the web hosting service Think Host, a company changing the world by providing high quality earth-friendly web hosting services & supporting positive social change. All of their servers are 100% renewable energy powered using wind and solar power technology.

Green Powered Search search results are powered by Google Custom Search. So why not set Green Powered Search as your Home Page to help the environment.

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